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Luco Toys

Wooden Building Block Toy Kit

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Wooden builders-set or kit for kids aged 3-10. Bur 144 pieces, with wheels and connectors, all made of wood Compatible with Keva, Kapla, Bblocks Product Name - wooden construction set , Luco Large. Eco friendly wooden blocks and planks . This is an Ideal kit for schools , kindergarten, kinder creche or home. Do you have already Keva? This is an unique addition to it. The set is packed in a bamboo box with 144 pieces, elements. 32 short planks , 16 long planks that have the same size as Keva planks. 64 H block that are the connector blocks! Included are 8 easy to assemble wheels , screws are not necessary, just click and go riding. Condition- New Reference- 2021_012