Create the Coolest List

You can make any occasion truly unforgettable by curating a personalized wish list filled with captivating and educational products.

Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, graduation, or any milestone worth celebrating, our gift registry allows you to share great gift suggestions with friends and family effortlessly.

Create a New Gift Registry

Create Your Registry In Person!

What's more fun than your child picking out their own wishlist by hand?

Stop by any time at our store to fill a basket with items you want on your list. Our team will create the list for you and send you the link when it is complete!

Celebrate at Amazeum

Discover the perfect celebration at the Amazeum!

The entire museum is your celebration space with specialized packages designed for all ages to have an amaZING time!

Pick up items on your gift registry wrapped and ready to go in our store when you arrive!

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