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Uniche Collective

Trido Flamingo - Medium

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Trido magnetic shapes is the perfect masterpiece to give you all these experiences! Trido is far more than the standard building blocks: it is the magnetic art with unlimited potential for creativity. The magical Trido 3 d shapes, which include tetrahedrons and octahedrons, allow you to learn a brand-new way of building and designing. Trido takes the concept of classical building blocks to a new level where new shapes and magnetic features allow you to expand your vision of objects and space Trido's unique magnetic system allows all sides of every shape to connect to another. Multiple strong magnets give versatility and firmness to your creations, bringing you an endless possibility of creating objects and characters. Trido monochromatic theme color 24-piece set is a medium building set that allows for building more complex characters and objects. The set includes: 4 octahedrons, 8 tetrahedrons, 8 half-tetrahedrons, and 4 eyes (in total, 24 pieces)