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Shout it Out

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  • HIGH-SPEED WORD CHALLENGE FOR ULTIMATE FUN: Shout It Out is an exhilarating game designed for two players or two teams, offering a competitive and fast-paced experience. Players are challenged to think quickly and creatively to come up with words that match the selected 8 categories and 1 letter combinations. Race against time to come up with the most words... let's try with the category "Body Part" and the letter "A"! Arm, Ankle, A...!
  • RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK: The vocabulary game begins by randomly selecting eight category cards and one letter card, which are placed in the middle of each playing tray space. After flipping the 60-second timer, the excitement begins as the two teams stand on either side of the playing tray, start frantically speaking out their answers and move those category cards to their side. The team or player who has the most category cards on their side is the winner!
  • UNLEASH YOUR VOCABULARY SKILLS IN AN EXCITING BATTLE OF WORDS: The package includes 20 category cards, 26 letter cards, 2 playing trays, and a 60-second timer.  It's a fast-paced party game which the team or player who can generate the most words within the given time limit emerges as the winner of "Shout It Out," rewarding their quick thinking, vocabulary skills, and ability to work under pressure!
  • WORD CHALLENGE FOR KIDS & ADULT: Shout It Out offers valuable educational benefits for both kids and families. The word brain teaser game combines entertainment with educational benefits, making it an ideal choice for kids and families seeking a fun way to enhance vocabulary, language skills, critical thinking, and social interaction.
  • BUILDING CONNECTIONS THROUGH WORDS: This family board game creates a positive and engaging environment for family game night, fostering connection, laughter, and friendly competition among family and friends. It guarantees moments of laughter and amusement as players think on their feet, come up with hilarious or unexpected answers, and enjoy the entertaining banter among participants.
  • Ages 8+