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Mars Mud Putty 24/ds

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Right this minute, the Mars Rover Curiosity is running around on the red planet and analyzing a bunch of rocks ... maybe for evidence of water ... maybe for evidence of life ... all operated by remote control 35-to-250 million miles away. Big whoop, NASA; we've got this swirling, multi-colored, metallic putty slime called Mars Mud. This novelty toy is almost as good and it has Mars in its name. You can stretch it and shape it and roll it up. It bounces. It comes in its own clear plastic container. It might even be sentient, reaching out to us through an advanced lanuage of slurpy, squisky sounds. Multi-Colored Metallic Rainbow Of Martian Mud Shape Into A Ball And Bounce It Around Assortment: Four Colors Stretchy, Jiggly, Bouncy Iridescent Putty; Not Slime Container: 2" Tall; Reclosable Probably Not Sentient Quantity: 24 novelty toys per box