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You can see some of the craziest things ever at the zoo! Why wait to go to the zoo when you can bring it home with Linkazoo? You don’t have to be a zoologist or a zookeeper to have hours of fun with this wild construction toy. Monkeys, camels, moose, elephants, and more. Pieces easily snap together to create endless formations, connecting animals together or hanging them from trees.

Build And Create
You don't have to be a zoologist or zookeeper to play with Linkazoo. It's a new kind of construction toy that's fun for the entire family and limited only by your imagination.

Interlocking Toys
Family and friends will have a whole lot of fun stacking, clipping, and linking the silly animals. Includes 9 base squares, 50 animals, 14 tree trunks, 2 treetops, and 8 leaves.

Creative Construction
Construct endless animal formations that will defy both gravity and the laws of nature, like a monkey holding a lioness over its head or a camel balancing on two moose.

Fun & Play
Construct endless gravity-defying animal formations! Educational toys help kids develop color & pattern recognition, visual discrimination, critical thinking skills, & fine motor abilities.

Learn & Discover
Popular Playthings provides educational, award-winning STEM toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and imaginative fun for boys and girls.