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  • A purple rectangular box that says "Four Senses" and has a simple drawn image of the game.
  • A larger wooden square with round holes. Wooden pegs are scattered around the box.
  • A purple mask that says "Four Senses" for players to cover over their eyes.
  • A photo of people playing the game.
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Four Senses

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Four Senses is the Awesome Gaming-in-the-Dark Experience! Players slip on an eye-mask or play with their eyes closed as they take turns placing wooden pieces of different shapes on the game board. Without their sight, players will have to imagine what they are touching with your fingertips! To win, a player must achieve one of three victory conditions: line up 4 identical pieces in a row, line up 4 different pieces on the same level, or create 3 rising steps - 1-2-3.Four Senses is faster and funnier than traditional abstract strategy games and will teach players a new life experience. From author Mitsuo Yamamoto and design by Florian Bellon.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-3