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Chemistry in a Box

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Set up and operate your own scientific laboratory with the Thinkbox Chemistry In A Box set! Conduct 40 exciting experiments and observe eye-catching reactions for an exciting, hands-on, interactive learning experience. Create worms that glow, squishy SLIMYGLOOP and much more as you learn why certain chemicals create different reactions. This will be nothing short of an amazing experience for you and your child to enjoy together! Children will be amazed how connected to chemistry the world around them truly is. Recommended for mini mad scientists 12 years and up. Adult supervision is required.


Calcium Chloride – Sodium Alginate – Baking Soda – Sodium Tetraborate – Litmus Powder – Tartaric Acid – Zinc Sulfide – Glue – 1 Fuzzy Stick – 1 Black Light Pen – 1 Plastic Cup – 1 Plastic Spoon – 1 Pipette – 2 Plastic Test Tubes – 2 Mixing Sticks – Instructional Booklet

Setup Time: 3-8 minutes

Age Range: 12+