Stitch Together Summer Fun and Discover Your Crafty Side

Stitch Together Summer Fun and Discover Your Crafty Side

The summertime is the perfect time for making your crafty ideas come to life! Does your child love crafty projects in their spare time? Tactile activities and experimentation with different textiles are great ways to expand your child’s creativity. Help them grow in confidence when it comes to hands-on projects by combining materials to create amaZING things! The variety of textiles aren’t limited to just fabrics, textiles include any kind of material that can be manipulated into another object. This summer, explore different kinds of textiles and get creative with a do-it-yourself project!


A fun and simple way to spark your child’s creativity is by teaching them a new technique for creating crafts. Making pom-poms is a fun tool to make decorations and can be used with various kinds of textiles. Check out the Mini Pom-Pom Pets kit, a fun project to use pom-poms to make fuzzy friends. Using a simple pom-pom system, you can make over 20 tiny pets using yarn, paper and glue. Follow along using a 62 page book of instructions and inspiration, giving your child everything they need to learn a new skill and become confident in creating. Click here to get the Mini Pom-Pom Pets kit at Curiosity Corner, the Amazeum’s museum store.


Did you know that any fiber-based material can be considered a textile? While paper does not look or feel like a form of fabric, it can be used in similar ways. Quilling is the art of coiling the paper like fabric to create designs and shapes. Twist, loop, curl and shape paper strips into beautiful artwork. The Mini Flower Collectables teaches you to design, create, and enjoy little potted plants while learning the art of coiling paper with a quilling tool. Learn the basics of quilling and explore how to make different shapes and expand your learning to different creations. Click here to get the Mini Flower Collectables at Curiosity Corner. Learn more about the art of quilling through Amazeum You. Get in-depth instructions about how you can learn this art form  from home!


Have you ever wondered how fabric can become different colors? There is a lot of science that goes behind dyeing different kinds of fabrics and combining different colors to create amazing results. Tie Dye is a resistant dying technique, meaning that by twisting, folding or crumpling the fabric, you can create a pattern where some of the fabric has ‘resisted’ the dye. The Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab is a kit to create your own tie-dye accessories. Following a color manual, you can mix non-toxic red, yellow and blue dyes into any color of the rainbow. While you dye your fabrics, you can discover how colors mix together and why our eyes can see colors. Click here to get the Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab at Curiosity Corner.


Textiles can be used for more than just clothing! By combining other materials with textiles, the possibilities are endless. Textiles can even be used for unique features such as conducting electricity. The Stitch-A-Circuit Robot is a great way to learn how to stitch together a circuit for electricity. The kit includes a sound and LED circuit module along with conductive thread that uses touch-to-connect technology to make your robot light up and make sound. Learn the basics of sewing as well as learning what it takes to make an electrical circuit. Click here to get the Stitch-A-Circuit Robot at Curiosity Corner.

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