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Toy Tunnel Raceway with Spikey Balls

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Sometimes simple toy designs can captivate kids and tots the most and MEAVIA’s toy tunnel raceway does just that. Made from safe quality materials, our toy tunnel raceway makes it extra fun for kids to drop or dump toys and watch them fall and slide down the tubes. Our unique 4-section design helps kids with their hand-eye coordination as they build the toy by connecting the parts. To maximize fun, we’ve also included 3 sensory spikey balls customized to work with the tubes. We’ve incorporated various colors for added learning opportunities and 2 clear tubes for visual stimulation as the spiky balls move along the tubes. This toy is great for kids with Autism or special needs children as the cause-and-effect action helps encourage early core language requesting words like ‘again’ or ‘more’. Along with the spiky balls, kids can drop their favorite small toy cars down the tubes to get them even more engaged.