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Includes the Synth-a-Sette, two AAA batteries, 10 alligator clips to build your own keyboard, instructions, and a cassette case.

Tiny Synth, Huge Possibilities.

Whether you're a musician on the go or a student looking to create their own musical instrument, the Synth-a-Sette provides fun new ways to be creative.

Play Melodies Anywhere.

This pocket synth has everything you need. Includes 13 key monophonic touchpad, an "octave up" button, optional vibrato switch, built in speaker, line out, and batteries.

Your First Analog Synth.

This simplified, affordable synth is great as an introduction to analog sound synthesis or as an extra input for an established synth-head.

Invent Your Own Keyboard.

Connect everyday objects to the touchpads to make your own keyboard. Play notes when you complete the circuit with bananas, aluminum foil, or anything else conductive.

Combining STEM Learning With Music.

MicroKits designs electronics that make learning fun and approachable. This synth enables both musical and scientific exploration.