Outdoor Science Lab

Outdoor Science Lab

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The SmartLab Toys Bugs, Plants, and Dirt outdoor science lab comes equipped with everything curious kids need to explore the wide world of science right outside their back door. This portable lab is packed with real science tools, hands-on activities, and special components that invite kids to identify, classify, measure, test, and analyze the natural world around them. The kit features a clip-on macro lens and focusing platform compatible with all smartphones and tablets (not included). The lens allows young entomologists to focus on and capture extreme close-ups of incredibly tiny creatures and objects. The 32-page illustrated science book features experiments related to soil, bugs, rocks, plants, water, and astronomy. Kids will discover how to measure the height of a tree, test the pH of soil and rainwater, observe insect behavior under UV light, classify plants, and much more.

  • Outdoor science lab kit will excite young explorers and allow a fun journey to the wide world of science
  • Comes multicolored
  • Dimensions: 9"H x 12"W x 3"D
  • Recommended for ages eight and up
  • Features 25 engaging science activities for learning and exploration of the outside world
  • Pack includes a night-scope bug-nabber insect collector, a magnifying nature scope with modular specimen containers, a microscope base, a clip-on macro lens (for smartphones and tablets), a UV night scope with mounting clip, a clinometer, pH test strips, nature charts to identify bugs, trees, and plants, and a 32-page science experimentation book
  • Comes with thee LR1130 batteries
  • Meets or exceeds STEAM standard