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NWA Wood Design

NWA Wood Train Designs

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Custom Handmade Wooden Train Set

Woodworking shops generate a large amount of scrap wood. Rather than throw it away, I save it to create all the parts for these beautiful trains. This helps my shop generate very little waste while creating something fun and durable.

Each train car is  hand made with a variety of wood types for color and uniqueness. No stains or dyes are used. Each train car is finished with a coat of food safe mineral oil to protect the wood and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. 

Mixture of Colors Wood Train

If you can't decide which train color you like the best, this is the train for you. Each train car is made with a variety of light, red, and dark woods to create a beautiful and colorful train set. This includes some wood varieties that don't fit into a category of light, red, or dark woods. As every board is unique, colors and grain will vary slightly from the images.


Easy connect couplings keep cars connected on hard surfaces or carpet. Each car includes a post on the front of the car and a connector to connect another car on the back. (Exceptions: Engine only has connector on the back. Caboose only has a post on the front.)