My Sparkly Mermaid Soaps

My Sparkly Mermaid Soaps

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Turn your tub into a mermaid lagoon!

Easy, straightforward instructions make it easy for younger crafters to mix, mold, and make six exciting soap creations including mermaids, turtles, and jellyfish.

Just choose one of the three soap colors, mix up the powder, glitter, and pineapple scent, squish it, and then press it into the included molds.

For the mermaids, add the waterproof fabric pieces to create the hair, then pop your mixtures into the freezer to set.

By the next bath time, your creations will be ready to embark on a good, clean splish-splashing adventure!

Fun in the tub becomes more creative and more magical with the Klutz Jr My Sparkly Mermaid Soaps kit.

Klutz Jr My Sparkly Mermaid Soaps
  • Soap-making kit designed for younger crafters
  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, an early interest in chemistry
  • Easy instructions promot pre-reading skills
  • Features 3 soap colors, 5 hair colors, 2 colors of jellyfish tentacles
  • Enough supplies to make 6 soaps!
  • Soaps scented with pineapple
  • Includes soap flakes in 3 colors, soap mold, pre-cut non-woven fabric in 5 colors, glitter, pineapple scent
  • 24-page book of crystal-clear instructions included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience

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