My Buddy McSpuddy
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My Buddy McSpuddy

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  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This My Buddy Mc Spuddy St. Patrick's Day set includes the following: Hardbook storybook, Magical Leprechaun doll, Pot O'Gold, 7 gold coins, removable jacket, velcro hands, Pot O'Gold contract, Wish List page.
  • IRISH STORY: Mc Spuddy is a leprechaun from Magic land. He always wishes for a best friend and when he met you his wish came true. Create a wish list in the storybook. An adult can help you with this. Mc Spuddy will give you his pot o'gold. He will mind the gold coins in Magic land. When you are good he will magically pop a gold coin.
  • ARE YOU GOOD AT CLUES: Because he is looking for a secret password that is hidden within this box. He has looked for it high and low but he just can't see it. Can you help him find it? Don't forget to give Mc Spuddy a nickname. That's how your magical friendship will start. You and he will be best friends forever looking out for each other as you grow.
  • HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY BOOKS: St. Patrick’s Day is a religious event that celebrates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Explore the Magic and register Mc Spuddy's nickname & receive fun Leprechaun games & news from Magicland. Collect 7 gold coins and get a wish!