MB Sprinter Transporter L+S and Roadster

MB Sprinter Transporter L+S and Roadster

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"Pioneering, efficient, reliable – this is how Mercedes Benz describes the new Sprinter. The latest generation Sprinter continues to be the versatile and popular transport professional. BRUDER’s extensive range includes the latest sprinters in a wide range of designs.
The stylish and modern design of the car transporter is apparent at the very first glance. The car transporter has a platform that was modeled down to the last detail of the original. In addition to the high-quality doors with interior paneling and the light and sound module, the cable winch is a particular highlight. With this cable winch, broken-down vehicles can be removed from even the most difficult situations. The side-mounted toolboxes are used to stow the wheel chocks and the access ramps can also be pushed directly into the chassis. The new BRUDER roadster features a detachable roof and can accommodate any bworld figure. For even more playing enjoyment, the vehicle has the new wheel change system installed. "