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Fiddle Flip Fidget

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Flip it, spin it, fold it-- there are so many ways to play with the U Fidget Amazing Magic Rule! This unique, colorful toy is perfect for aiding in concentration or helping users to calm down. Craft shapes and structures or simply move the articulated pieces around-- playing with this toy provides tactile stimulation that feels great! The U Fidget features a unique design that allows it to be manipulated in many ways. Each U Fidget is made up of twenty-one 2" triangles connected with hinges. This allows each piece to spin and the entire system is wonderfully fluid. Use the U Fidget in your home, classroom, or clinic as a useful tool for helping someone who needs to fidget in order to concentrate. Moving each articulated triangle provides sensory stimulation that is both calming and interesting. For parents, physicians, or teachers looking for a unique fidget, this is a great choice. Recommended for kids ages three and up. Size: 8 x 1 x .2 inches