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Crazy Drinks Science Lab

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Concoct 20 awesome drinkable STEAM experiments with real science tools, a UV light, and household ingredients!

Clear off the counter and get ready for some crazy delicious chemistry! Crazy Drinks Science Lab contains the gear and instructions you need to create glowing alien ice cubes, color-changing grape juice, a layered rainbow in a tube, and much more.

The 24-page illustrated activity book contains kid-friendly recipes, and explanations of scientific principles. As you sip, explore the light spectrum, untwist polymers, experiment with carbonate reactions, and more. Savor the flavor of science!

  • Science you can drink! With the included science tools and common ingredients from the grocery store, kids can make wacky drinks that also make them think
  • 11-piece kit includes real science equipment: UV light, 2 graduated beakers, graduated cylinder, mixing cup, 2-piece silicone ice ball mold, pipette, 2 crazy drinking straws, and 24-page illustrated science activity book
  • 20 astounding drinkable experiments, infinite STEAM fun: Explore fluorescence with Alien Ice Cubes, density with Juicy Layers, acids and bases with Grape Expectations, proteins and enzymes with Edible Enzyme Slime, and more
  • Experiments require additional easy-to-find ingredients: Including baking soda, chocolate chips, tonic water with quinine, gelatin, grape juice, marshmallows, orange juice, food coloring, and others
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great activity for sleepovers, play dates, or family fun nights