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OWI Incorporated

AI Smartcore 4

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Take control of  your interstellar space with AI SmartCore 4 . This remarkable kit features 4 separate modular smart vehicles: All-Terrain CubeSuper Snake, Titan Tank, and Turbo Trike. It is a second generation SmartCore with updated and reinforced wire connectors, easy-to-follow instructions and AI SmartCore technology. With forty-two easy to snap together parts, tomorrow’s innovators will learn the STEM principals associated with physics and electronics when young buddying engineers 8+ build and remix AI SmartCore 4.

The magic of AI SmartCore 4 lies within OWI’s revolutionary AI SmartCore technology. When connected to one of the four vehicles, OWI’s AI SmartCore acts as a digital brain using a patented algorithm that evaluates the best way to control each vehicle. It allows All-Terrain Cube to navigate directions with balance and predictability; enable Super Snake to entertain the most curious of four and two- legged friends; Empowers Turbo Trike to cruise at high speeds while maintaining control, and transforms Titan Tank into a roving explorer. Best of all, the OWI SmartCore automatically pairs with the remote control, so operation is impeccable. With a built-in quick charging LiPo battery and USB charging cable included, recharging AI SmartCore 4 is effortless. The only question left to ask is which AI SmartCore 4 vehicles will you build first?

Ages: 8+