Support Local Artists and Makers on Shop Small Saturday

Support Local Artists and Makers on Shop Small Saturday

Join us in celebrating the holiday season this weekend at Scott Family Amazeum! On Shop Small Saturday, Curiosity Corner, the Amazeum’s museum store, will be hosting local artists and makers from all over Northwest Arkansas to showcase their products. On November 26th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Shop Small Saturday will have several local entrepreneurs with incredible maker-made products available for you to shop. All the proceeds from museum store sales go directly back into making every day amaZING at the Amazeum.


The Maker Spotlight program by Curiosity Corner is designed to shine a light on local makers and artists that live in our community. Every month, makers partner with our museum store to offer their products for sale and host on-site events several days throughout the month to share their skills and talents with guests of all ages. Tomorrow's scientists, inventors, artists, and engineers come through our doors every day for hands-on learning and discovery. By shopping at our museum store, you are supporting exploration and learning for the future generations. 


Ready. Set. Wonder! are pre-assembled kits that feature hands-on crafts and activities for children. Each kit is specifically designed to be interactive, educational, and engaging to help ignite the spark of imagination and excitement for learning. Stop by Curiosity Corner on Shop Small Saturday to meet the maker, Amy Kerr, and discover more about Ready. Set. Wonder! activity kits.


Perpetua is a line of handcrafted notebooks featuring a variety of styles and patterns that are unique to each one. Using a special technique of paper marbling, the patterns typically reflect a look of smooth marbled stone and other natural elements. Each notebook features a work of art on the cover, with options of lined, dotted, graph or mixed paper inside. Brioche, the maker of Perpetua notebooks, will be at Shop Small Saturday, demonstrating expert techniques of printmaking. Shop for Perpetua notebooks now on Curiosity Corner’s website.


Sensory Phonics features sensory toys and bins filled with various objects designed to stimulate children’s imagination and critical thinking skills. They also provide educational products that focus on using miniature objects to teach the multiple spelling patterns of the 18 vowel sounds in English. Kristen Thomas, the maker of Sensory Phonics, is passionate about creating sensory bins and sound sorting kits that can facilitate play and learning for students of all ages. Meet the maker and shop Sensory Phonics products at Curiosity Corner on Shop Small Saturday.


Joshua Oddities is an art print farm that features a variety of collectable items all made by being 3-D printed. 3-D printers use many layers of a thin amount of material to create physical objects. Anything from functional items to decoration can be made by the process of 3-D printing. Joshua Oddities takes artwork plucked from the imaginations of artists all over the world and brings it to life through collectable creations. Explore more of the world of 3-D printing at Shop Small Saturday, where Joshua Oddities' products will be featured.


Leeman Geophysical Instrumentation and Consulting is a company that prototypes and manufactures for various projects. They sell educational products designed to introduce children to the world of engineering. Leeman Geophysical kits feature gadgets that showcase concepts such as how to solder or create a magnetic field. Leeman Geophysical products will be available to explore on Shop Small Saturday.


Curiosity Corner is always in search of more local artists and makers to feature in our museum store. We want to highlight people who have used their curiosity and creativity to create amaZING items. If you are interested in becoming a featured maker, please contact us at

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