Excavate and Uncover the Mysteries of Rocks, Fossils and Crystals

Excavate and Uncover the Mysteries of Rocks, Fossils and Crystals

Is your child fascinated with colorful rocks, funny-looking fossils or sparkly crystals? Summer is the perfect time to get down in the dirt and uncover the mysteries of rocks! The Amazeum features an experience called The Cave. This exhibit resembles what a local cave looks like and is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of geology. Visit the Amazeum this summer to help spark your child’s curiosity for the outdoors and what roles natural features like rocks play in our Earth’s geological ecosystem. With so many types and variations of rocks to be discovered, the possibilities for learning are endless and can start right in your own backyard!


What better way to begin introducing your child to the world of rocks than by helping them start their own collection? With so many types of crystals, rocks and fossils, starting to learn about rocks can be daunting. One of the best ways to start memorizing types and recognizing features is through hands-on learning. The Sedimentary Rock Science Kit is a collection of 15 rock specimens that includes a magnifying glass and learning guide. Learn the unique qualities of sedimentary rocks and how to identify each of them by color, texture, structure and the presence of minerals. With each item numbered, the kit provides a simple way to learn how to classify sedimentary rocks. Click here to get the Sedimentary Rock Science Kit at Curiosity Corner, the Amazeum’s museum store.


Did you know that the root of the word ‘fossil’ means to be ‘obtained by digging’? A fossil can consist of anything from bones and shells to imprints of animals and microbes that are preserved through the process of fossilization. Help your child discover what it is like to work as a paleontologist by learning what compound reactions it takes to make a fossil. The Thinkbox Fossil Impressions is a kit that allows your child to create their own unique dinosaur fossils. Discover your child’s interest in fossils by having them combine fun dinosaur figurines and air dry clay to create the fossils that they can then add bright paint colors to make cool designs. Click here to get the Thinkbox Fossil Impressions kit at Curiosity Corner.


Have you ever discovered an interesting looking rock and wondered where it came from? You are thinking like a geologist! Geologists study the surface of the Earth and what it is made of. Among many other things, one of the main things a geologist does is collect and study samples of rocks, soil and fossils. Help your child discover real mineral specimens like a geologist would on their own using the Amazing Minerals kit. With this science kit, you can use tools similar to ones that geologists use to chip away from plaster three unique minerals. Each mineral, quartz, amethyst and pyrite (otherwise known as fool’s gold), represent the wide range of types of minerals you might discover while excavating in the real world. Click here to get the Amazing Minerals kit at Curiosity Corner.


Looking for a fun summer activity that involves rocks? Exploring a local cave is a great way to get kids excited about geology. Arkansas has several large caves with public access available during the summer months. Check out the Arkansas Cave Guide to find links to information about caves all around Northwest Arkansas. 


Want to take a deep dive into the ecosystem of caverns? The Wild Environmental Science™ Crystal Growing Caves & Geodes Chemical Kit is a great combination of STEM experiments to discover the biology and chemistry that goes into cave formations. Use chemical reactions to mix together solutions that will grow crystals and geodes that your child can set up in a colorful stalactite display case. A step-by-step information and activity guide is included that explains fun facts about caverns such as how cave-dwelling animals adapt to the damp darkness. Click here to get the Wild Environmental Science™ Crystal Growing Caves & Geodes Chemical Kit at Curiosity Corner.

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